Monday, April 19, 2010

Beth Moore Conference

This weekend I went to a Beth Moore Conference with one of our supporting churches in Florida. I've read one of her books, but have never heard her speak. I am so glad I went. It was such a blessing to her Beth Moore. I wasn't sure what to expect, but she's not only beautiful on the outside, she's beautiful on the inside, she's real. I was so amazed that she could speak to a room of 4800 women (and a few brave men) and everyone walk out of there feeling she spoke just to them. That's how God works. If you ever have a chance to read one of her books I'd recommend them. I've read To Live is Christ, and I'm getting ready to start Praying the Scriptures (I think that's the title I don't have it in front of me).
I have been to many Ladies Retreats, but this is by far the best one. I came home so refreshed, not only spiritually, but physically. And that hasn't happened in a LONG time!
I went down a day early with a few ladies. We spent Thursday afternoon shopping then had a late supper at the Outback. On Friday we found the Hope Children's Home Thrift Store and got a few deals, then went to the beach for a little bit. Friday evening we headed over to the conference.
4800 women in one room! Beth Moore spoke on the family. The Lord showed me some things, and I'm all over it! God is so good. The conference was Friday night and Saturday morning. After the conference we wanted to go to Clearwater Beach. We didn't realize it was the last weekend of Spring Break - CRAZINESS! We asked someone if there was a quieter beach nearby and they sent us a few miles down the road where we found a nice quiet beach.
It was wonderful, relaxing, calming, warm, it was a little slice of Heaven! I love the beach, but my husband doesn't like going (for obvious reasons) so I was so glad to go with a few friends and just relax.
That's my foot, I had a pedicure a few days ago. I took a nap on the beach, looked for seashells, read a book, took lots of pics, but mainly just relaxed.
I love this picture of the lifeguard station. When we move to Australia I want to do a beach themed bathroom. I plan to get an 8x10 made of this photo and frame it.
This is Kristine and Hope. I couldn't have asked for better roomates. We had so much fun laughing and fellowshipping, chasing down my mother-in-law to find out it was a complete stranger. Good times, good times!
And this is Kristine and I. She's been such a good friend. Her and her husband recently surrendered to the mission field - Indonesia to be exact!
This was a really good weekend for me. It was much needed. I feel so blessed. My wonderful husband watched the kids with Kristine's husband and their 3 kids for the 3 days I was away. I truly am blessed!

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Carole @ The Top of the World said...

I loved reading all about the conference and your time there It really makes me want to go to one! I'm planning to look on CBD for some Beth Moore books...