Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Stay-At-Home Missionary

Do you ever have days where you wonder why you even got out of bed? Days where you can't wait for naptime? Days where naptime isn't long enough? Days where you yearn for the kid's bedtime? Days where you want to runaway? Days where you wonder if it's really worth it? What does it really matter?

Well, I had one like that yesterday. Yes, I know I just went to a scrapbooking retreat and was away for the weekend. I had a break. Yet, I still had a really rough day yesterday. I had no motivation to do anything. The only thing I managed to do was the dishes, and that was only because we had no clean dishes, silverware, or cups. Seriously, I wouldn't lie about that...I was away for the weekend, remember.

I have days like that every once in awhile. And unless you're supermom with super incredible powers (which if you are I'd like to meet you) you've had days like this, too.

Today I am feeling much better. I'm already on my second load of laundry, all those clean dishes from yesterday are put away, the kids are up, dressed, and fed. I still feel a little down, not sure why. But some days you don't have the option to lie in bed, actually I don't think I ever have that option, and you have to get up and moving.

I came across this post and I really encourage you to read it, whether you are a mom or not. Joy is a mom to 5 kids. She is a missionary's wife in Indonesia. I met her in real life once, and she's just as nice and cute as she comes across.

Anyway about the post. This is part 1 in a serious, so check back for the rest. It was an encouragement to me this morning. Please go read it.

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