Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cody's Birthday Party

We went to CiCi's for supper and had their buffet for $3.99. Plus I had coupons to give to everyone. The only down side to CiCi's was it was a school fundraiser night and there were a ton of kids. After supper we went over to Chuck E. Cheese's to play games, and believe it or not it was actually calmer there than CiCi's.
We let the kids run around and play games for awhile then we had cake and Cody opened his presents.
He loves opening presents. He's into Toy Story now, and he got Buzz, Rex, and RC. He's been playing with them all morning. We already had Woody. I got him from a yard sale, hat and all!
Cody loved the rides at Chuck E. Cheese's. I think Bob the Builder was rode at least 10 times. My brothers were great and followed him around all night.
Even the adults had fun. Chuck E. Cheese...where an adult, uh I mean, a kid can be a kid.
So, happy birthday to my little guy! Please don't let the years go by any faster!

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