Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend Away...

Lancaster, PA
Patrick and I were able to getaway Friday-Saturday. I realized this was the first overnight we had been away since before Cody was born. We went to Lancaster, PA. One of my favorite places to go. We stayed at a place we had stayed before. They were doing renovations, so it wasn't as great as last time, but the view was beautiful:
Friday night we went to Ruby Tuesday for supper, then we played golf. I won't get too prideful here, but I WON!! Here is my man adding the up the scores.

My favorites souvenirs...
a Woody doll (from a yard sale for only $0.50!!
and a box of peanut butter chocolates
from Wilbur Chocolates in Lititz
...notice they are already all gone!
Woody's foot even had Andy's name on it.
Toy Story is one of my favorite movies.
We had a great weekend (even if I spent oven an hour in a tool store and paint shop!). It was even better to come back and have my little brother home.

This week we're getting ready for the big yard sale! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Ellen said...

We are so jealous over Woody! I have 2 girls fighting over 1 Woody. It's the same one you found. Lucky you. I even inscribed the other foot with my oldest daughter's name when we got it for her 4 years ago. Then she grew into princess stuff and Heidi my 5 year old has loved Woody.

Have you seen Toy Story 2 with Bulls eye and jessie. More of our fav's.