Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Summary Post

Well, we're home! We had a really great trip, but its so good to be home. Since so much has happened I'd thought I'd do this post in bullet fav!

  • Florida was very hot and humid.
  • It rained almost every day we were in Florida.
  • You can see pics from our trip here.
  • I won't go into much detail, but on our way to Florida one child pooped everywhere, and on the way home the other child puked everywhere. Ahhh, the joys of being a mommy.
  • We were able to visit a pastor friend and his family in Clermont, Florida. We were at their church awhile back for a mission's conference. We had a really good time of fellowship.
  • Florida was very hot and humid and rainy.
  • I was able to do all our laundry before we left, so our suitcases are filled with clean clothes rather than several loads of dirty laundry.
  • I love coming home to a clean house!
  • I love the low humidty here in Pennsylvania.
  • It was very hot and humid in Florida, oops did I mention that already.
  • Today my dad hosted a picnic for our bus kids. You can see pics of that here.
  • I am so glad to be home.
  • I am now going to catch up on all my bloggy friends.

~ Jen ~


Sue said...

Welcome back! Was it hot and humid in Florida?! :P

joy said...

Welcome back! i love to wash my clothes when i am away so i dont drag home loads and loads. i also LOVE coming home to a clean house. we are two peas and a pod!