Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gladys Aylward - The Adventure of a Lifetime

While we were in Florida, I mentioned we visited a pastor and his family. The pastor's wife gave me this book to read, and I am so glad she did. I had heard of the name, Gladys Aylward, but never read anything about her.

I started reading the book on Tuesday night and finished it up on Wednesday morning. With where we are in our life right now (waiting on visas), it was such an encouraging book.

Gladys knew God wanted her to be a missionary to China. She went off to Bible college at the age of 28 (I think). She failed a Bible class, and was told she wouldn't make it as a missionary (heard that before). She decided she would get to China on her own. She worked at a housemaiden and saved money everyweek for a ticket to China.

The struggles she went through to just get to China are amazing. She heard of a lady in China who was praying for someone to come work with her before she died. Gladys decided to make her way to this lady, and that journey was incredible.

It was awesome to be reminded that the same God Who was in control of every detail of her life, is the same God Who is in control of every detail of my life. And although it is much easier to see the answers for the "whys" once the life has ended (and you can read it in a book!), it is comforting to be reminded that God has a purpose for everything...even the waiting and waiting on visas.

Her work in China was awesome in and of itself. She worked as a single missionary and slowly earned respect from the Chinese people (after being considered a white devil). She even adopted many Chinese children (I think she had over 200 children at one time - Jon and Kate and the Duggars have nothing compared to them!).

Anyway, I do not want to make this a lengthy post, so I encourage you to go get this book and read it!
~ Jen ~


Ellen said...

Thanks Jen, I needed that reminder. We may not be waiting on visa's or going to a mission feild, but we are seeking the Lord in some areas.

Dear Abbi said...

This is an awesome book! YWAM gives it out free at CHAP and when Scott read it to the kids, they LOVED it! So did we. I'm glad it was an encouragement to you!