Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Big Boy and His Toy

"The only difference between men and boys,
is the price of their toys."

Yesterday I shared with you Cody's new toy. Well, today I will share with you my husband's new toy. He recently sold his dirt bike, so to help ease his pain of saying good-bye he bought a remote control airplane.
(He was one of the five missionaries murdered in the 50's by the Auca Indians).

Once he gets it running I will post some pics.

Nate Saint is one of my favorite missionaries. I think because he reminds me so much of my husband. I am currently reading his biography (Nate Saint's...not my husbands!) which is probably one of the greatest missionary biographies ever written.

~ Jen ~


Noel said...

boys, uhm, men and their toys.....

Julia said...

What is the name and author of the biography?