Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vacation...is it worth it?

We're getting ready for a vacation to Florida to visit my husband's family. It usually takes us about 13 hours to get there. I'm trying to be a little more prepared for this trip with snacks and drinks so we don't stop and spend a small fortune on them at the gas stations. I'm also trying to get the house in spit-spot shape before we leave, beacause there is nothing like coming home to a clean house!

Tonight I cleaned my kitchen top to bottom. I cleaned the counters, straightened the cupboards, cleaned the fridge (yuk!) and the microwave (another big yuk!). Hopefully I have some energy left tonight to clean the bathroom. Tomorrow I'll be doing laundry and packing as it comes out of the dryer. And Wednesday I'll be washing all the towels and bedding (love coming home to clean towels and sheets!!).

So, that's just a glimpse into my week. I know you all were really wondering what I was doing! I'm really looking forward to seeing family and getting a break, but I always wonder...is it really worth all the work that I have to put into getting us there? I hope so! Do you all feel there's a lot of work before you vacation?

~ Jen ~

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joy said...

i agree, coming home to a clean house is wonderful!

have a fun time! looking forward to pictures.