Saturday, June 27, 2009

She's My BFF, Mom

Yesterday we went to visit some friends. Not just any friend, but Autumn informed me that they're "not just friends - they're BFF's, more like sisters, mom". Autumn (on the right) and Katie (left) are 7 months apart. Yesterday Katie turned 6, and for the next few months they will be the same age. Autumn and Katie have known each other since the day Katie was born. You see, Katie's mom and I just happen to be BFF's, too! What a quinky-dink! I am so thankful that I have such a good friend, and that our kid's are good friends, too. It also so happens that she has another daughter who happens to be 5 months older than my son. I will not tell you that the mom's have already planned their wedding, but I will tell you I saw Cody give Meghan a kiss yesterday...I'm just saying!

~ Jen ~


Sue said...

Too funny! Growing up, my BFF and I knew each other since birth because our mom's were BFF's too! :o) And we were only 5 months apart!!

Anna Payne said...

hehe! that made me laugh! ;-)