Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cough * Sniff * Cough * Sniff *

That's how I've been for a week now. Coughing, sniffing, and coughing some more. Last night I coughed for 2 hours straight. I only kept track of this because I was watching ER's final episode (I wasn't all that impressed, by the way). My whole family is sick, too. My kid's noses are constantly running. I would love nothing more than to climb back in bed and go to sleep, but moma's aren't allowed. Why not?!

Anyway, it is currently raining outside. It's the kind of rain I love...a pouring rain...what a beautiful sound. It makes me want to clean, yes, clean. I can't go anywhere, so, why not? Oh, that's right I'm sick. As soon as I decide to do anything that requires energy, my body goes into a coughing fit, and I'm forced to sit and cough it out.

So, I may just find a good book, and curl up on the couch and read while listening to the rain.

~ Jen ~

1 comment:

Ellen said...

oh come on, be daring and have Patrick take a real picture of you with your tissues. LOL