Friday, February 6, 2009

We're Going to Disney World

I just booked our trip to Disney World! We will be there for 7 days! I just may be more excited than Autumn! 19 more days!
~ Jen ~


Mrs. J said...

Wow! You are so blessed! Someday, I hope I can go there! It has been my childhood dream...forever :) I'm sure you'll have fun!

DeeDee said...

that is sooooooo exciting.
Making precious memories. When we went (many years ago:)... I was the one who had a FIT over Cinderella's castle. I just shrunk to "little girl" again.

Take lots of pics!
Sweet Blessings,

Tracey C. said...

Sounds awesome! Im in Gville, 2 hours from Orlando, let me know if you need help finding any coupons/cheap eats or whatever! If you aren't holing up in the hotel (which alot of people do, and they are more rested and have fun just enjoying the park the WHOLE time! I recommend this!) the whole time and want to see other attractions, you may want to CONSIDER buying an entertainment book for the Orlando area. Just a thought and only if you like to explore and go to other places. Anyway, this is taking up space, so email me if you have questions, I'll try to help if you do! Have FUN!!! So much Fun!! Warmly, Tracey C. munchiema at yahoo dot com

Ellen said...

I'm so happy for you all. Have lot's of fun and safe travels!!

The Equipped Life said...

Oh... we had so much fun at Disney World!!! I would go every year, if I could - with or without kids LOL!!

You will have such a great time ~ enjoy!!