Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My 2009 New Year's Goals *Update*

I can hardly believe we are in February already. I just wanted to check in on my goal's and see how I'm doing. Here is my post on my 2009 goals.

  • Spend more time in my Bible and in prayer (I've been pretty faithful so far.)
  • Memorize more Scripture (I haven't focused on this one at all, I plan to write out some verses to work on.)
  • Speak more kindly to my husband and children (Still working on this one, too, but getting better.)
  • Spend more one on one time with the kids (I've been able to take Autumn out a few times, she really wants to go to the library, so hopefully we'll do that soon.)
  • Be more frugal with God's money & put more into savings (We were able to put a good chunk of money in the bank in January.)
  • Read 12 (or more) books (I've read two so far, and am currently in the middle of two more.)
  • Be consistent with planning my supper menu (I was really good the first two weeks, but got off track with company, will work harder this month.)
  • Get more organized and stay that way (Packing for Australia has helped with this.)
  • Exercise (at least) 3x each week (um...don't even want to go there!)
  • Cut back on soda...drink more water (Same with this one *hanging my head in shame*)
  • Move to Australia (A big, fat no on this one, but hopefully soon we'll hear something!)
~ Jen ~

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Tracey C. said...

Hey Jen, have JOY! You have spotlighted and succeeded on the MOST important of your goals! Congratulations on that success, it makes everything else better! I hope your blessings are many!
Tracey C.