Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Washington, DC

Last week when our Aboriginal friend was visiting, he needed to go to Washington for some meetings. While we waitied we took a tour of the National Museum of the American Indian. I was fasinated by the Bibles translated into the American Indian's languages. Question - to be politically correct, shouldn't it be American Natives?
It was really cold, so we just drove around to see some of the sites.
Lots of "Welcome President Obama" signs.

~ Jen ~


Anonymous said...


((I've still never been there!!!)))

Ellen said...

When I was growing up my Dad worked for Amtrack and we all had passes to ride the train for free so he would take us out of school for a personal day and take us Washington D.C. It was amazing. I loved it!! They were amazing memories we made with my Dad. My mom had to work so we would bring her back a surprise. One time her surprise was a brochore for rings at a jewlery store. He told her we were going back as a family and she was getting a new ring set.