Monday, November 10, 2008

Scrapbooking Retreat at the Beach

I had a nice refreshing weekend. I left Friday morning and drove to Ocean City, Md. A very long 4 hours, but it was a nice drive, and I didn't get lost. Here is a photo crossing the Bay Bridge.
Once I arrived in Ocean City, I stopped at CVS. Did a few deals, then went to the hotel. My roomie was already checked in. We couldn't get into the conference room to scrapbook until 5pm, so we had an early supper. I scrapbooked all Friday evening. Saturday morning I woke up and took a walk on the beach. I'm glad I did, because around 11am it started raining, and it rained all day.

I spent the rest of Saturday scrapbooking and talking.
Surprising, huh? I went to be at 3am!

Sunday morning I woke up and took another walk on the beach. I collected some seashells for Autumn, and did a little more scrapbooking, then headed home around 2pm. I got back in time for evening service. I missed my hubby and the kids, but I would've done anything for one more day!!

You can check out more photos on my facebook page. (You don't have to be my friend to see them, but I would love to add you!)

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Dawn said...

Don't know if you would, but I'm interested in seeing a few pics of your scrapbooked pages. Everyone has their own style and I'd love to what your's is.