Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Renaissance Faire

We (I) decided we would go the the Renaissance Faire in Manheim, PA for a school field trip. I went there when I was 10 or so, and remember it being a great place. Here are a few photos of our trip, and then my two cents of the place, I know you can't wait!

First we stopped at Dunkin' Donuts. My husband loves their coffee, and their donuts aren't too bad either!
We went to our home church for the morning service. It was so nice to be able to visit with our friends there. Our friends brought along lunch to save money at the Faire, I am so glad we did.
He fell asleep during lunch.

I guess 7.5 mph is as fast as the horses could go?
This greeted us when we walked in the gate. The kids were a little scared!
Can you believe we had to pay for the kids to do this? Thankfully, some people gave us their leftover tickets, because I was to cheap to buy any!
My brother, Jason, is the one wearing the skeleton hoodie. The queen seemed to like it.
An asterstick (*) show - not recommended for children. For some reason we kept ending up at these and having to leave. This one they were killing peasant people.
I did cough up $5 for each girl to ride the elephant. I was disappointed when I found out they only went around the circle 1 time.
This guy did a great job of portraying Captain Jack. He's no Johnny, but he'll do for a photo. Autumn kept looking at him, she even talked to him. He loved her name.

My brothers, Jason and Jeff. I have no idea where Jason got the hoodie, but because of Halloween coming, he wasn't out of place here. It still creeps me out though.
Two best buds

I was disappointed that it cost a small fortune to get in - $29.95 per person (we used our friend's AAA card, and paid $23.95, but still!). Then once inside, EVERYTHING cost money. The only thing free was the shows, and we never found one suitable for the kids. They were happy with just looking at the costumes, though but even some of them were very revealing. Anyway, its a place I've been wanting to go to, so I can check it off my list, but I doubt I will go back. So, there you have my two cents. Take it or leave :)


Mrs. J said...

Your brother wearing the skeleton hoodie is so funny!

Dear Abbi said...

Looks like fun! I always like big group activities like that!

Dawn said...

Teenagers do the weirdest things. lol! Looks like lots of fun.

Heather said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

After reading your comment the other day, I dropped by your page and my husband (Dan) recognized Patrick.

What a small world! Do you or your husband happen to remember a tall fellow named Jeremy from the Bible college? He just married another student, Vicki, back in May. They had a beautiful wedding.

It's nice to 'meet' you. Your children are just adorable.

Blessings to you and yours,


A Dusty Frame said...

What a bummer! At least you know you're not missing much huh!?