Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, so, this wasn't my best week of Cvsing. I planned 2 transactions to use my $3 off $15. I had the Huggies stuff in one transaction and the cleaning products in the other, but I needed $5 more dollars to use the coupon, so I wanted to get something I had coupons for or that earned ECB's. I saw the deoderants were $1.99 and you earned $1 ECB, but it didn't ring up that way. I am either going to call CVS or return them. Plus my $3 off $15 beeped, and I couldn't use them anyway! So, I ended up doing it all in one transaction. Here's the run-down.

1 - Pledge $2.50
1 - Windex $2.50
1 - Scrubble Bubbles $2.50
1 - Fantastik $2.50
2 - Huggies $9.99 each
2 - Gerber Juice $2.39 each
3 - Speed Stick $2.49 each
TOTAL - $44.76

-$2 Pledge
-$2 Windex
-$2 Scrubble Bubbles
-$2 Fantastik
-$1.50 Huggies
-$1.50 Huggies
-$1 Gerber Juices
-$11 ECB's
TOTAL - $19.23

Now, I came up 24 cents short of earning $10 ECB's, so I plan to go back and get a jar of baby food and get my $10 ECB. I was a little frustrated with the deoderants, mainly because I wouldn't have gotten them if I knew my $3 off $15 coupon would beep, but it would have made it worth it had it been priced right and the ECB's printed. I guess I've gotten spoiled at CVS. I thought $19.23 was a lot of money, but that's less than 2 packs of diapers!

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Rachel said...

Do you find that the ECB items are in stock week after week?