Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I got a phone call from my man tonight. I haven't heard from him since Friday, and was starting to let my "worry-side" get the best of me. They're out in the middle of nowhere and didn't have reception, so it took awhile for him to get those bars. The longest we've been apart is 3-4 days, so 11 days is tough, especially when raccoons are trying to get in my house (see post below). I have a new sense of energy, I have no idea how to explain. I was completely drained all day today, wondering where they are, are they having fun, are they safe...are they alive...I told you I worry! Now I feel like cleaning or maybe organizing a closet or doing those 30 minutes on the treadmill! (Actually, I already did that tonight - yay, for me!) Anyway, God just reminded me what a foolish creature I am, and that He is in TOTAL control. I was letting my worrying get the best of me, and I was getting cranky, you never get like that do you? After the call, my mood changed completely. After reading a friend's blog (hope you don't mind me sharing, Abbi), I was quite convicted. What did my actions show my daughter today, the power of God or the power of Satan? I am only one person and although, I may not go on to change history, I have the opportunity to influence those around me, especially my children. I pray the Lord will remind me of this daily, and my life, my words, and my actions will influence those around me (especially my children) to trust the One Who has the whole world in His hands.

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Dear Abbi said...

I'm so glad that you got some things done. I SO know how you were feeling. I've struggled with that for the first 2 weeks of school. But it always feels great when the Lord renews your spirits and you get up and DO SOMETHING finally! Love that!