Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Easy CVS Deal

Marshmallows 3 @ $0.32 = $0.96 (they were 75% off!)
Crest Toothpaste $2.99
Crest Mouthwash $2.99
Nivea Body Wash $4.99
Total $11.93 (not including tax)

-$2 off $10
-$1 off Crest Toothpaste
-$1 off Crest Mouthwash
-$2 off Nivea
TOTAL $6.06 EARNED $8.99 ECB ($4.99 for Nivea & $2 for Toothpaste & $2 Mouthwash)

This was an easy transaction...these deals are good through Saturday evening (except for the marshmallows, they may not be marked down at your CVS).

I was asked how long I've been couponing...well, I've been seriously doing it for about a year. I used to clip coupons here and there, but about a year ago I started CVSing and started getting the Sunday paper and clipping coupons regularly.

I was also asked how much I budget. For CVS I don't really set a budget, I just try to get things we need and spend as little as possible. For groceries, I budget approximately $45-$50 a week.

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