Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stitches Be Gone...

Well, after 5 days the stiches were removed. It had scabbed over a little, so two of the stiches were tricky to get out. But Autumn did a great job! We told her she could go wherever she wanted for lunch. Daddy convinced her Chinese would be a great idea. So, Chinese it was. Here are the pics at the ER having the stitches removed.

All done! Just a little scab left over.

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Mrs. J said...

It looks better now! I'm scared of the hospital and definitely hate needles. Your girl is so brave! If that was me, I would've fainted! To answer your post at my blog:

Thanks for the suggestions Jen! We already gave a big box for her and it was already full to the brim! hahahah! Well let me reword "servant." We had maids or helpers/driver. It's common in the Philippines.