Friday, August 22, 2008

A Quick Update and a Bear Sighting

Bear Sightings...yes, a bear! Last week while Dr. Jeffcoat was speaking at our revival, he said he saw something that he thought might be a bear. The next night Patrick went down to get something out of our car, and he said he saw what he thought was a bear. So, now I'm terrified to be outside after dark! Our trash has been torn into several times (apparently this bear likes Fruity Pebbles). Anyway, I've been watching out our window after dark hoping I might see something. If I do, you know me, I'll get a photo!!

We're finished with Day 3 of Homeschooling! So far its going well. We're basically doing a review of Kindergarten, so its been pretty simple and not taking very long.

We go tomorrow morning to have Autumn's stitches take out. I'll be sure to bring the camera along. Tomorrow night we're meeting some friends at Knoebels.

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Dear Abbi said...

My parents have a bear that routinely visits their birdfeeders/porch. And our neighbors here in our new neighborhood have seen a bear here.

Wah...can't you meet your friends at Knoebels on Monday??!! It would be nice to meet you before you leave the country. Oh well...we always have our blogs. :)