Monday, July 7, 2008


I just came up from my basement where there lays about 12 large rubbermaid tubs (as pictured above). In these tubs are most of my worldly possessions. The only other things that I need to pack, besides clothing, is our books and my scrapbooks, which if I pack these right now our house will look really bare! The packing is keeping me busy. It keeps my mind off the unknowns. I don't like unknowns! Unknowns like - when will our visas come in, when are we moving, will we find a house right away, when should I start 1st grade with Autumn, should I take this with us, should I give it away, etc. I know that this is all in God's hands, He is in total control, but its so easy to fret over things I can't control. There is literally nothing we can do right now to make our visas come in faster, and that can be frustrating. We have never had our own home. I have always known that this is not permanant - Australia is. So, while I wait for our visas to come in I will continue organizing and packing and getting rid of stuff and just pray that God will give me the grace and, dare I say it - patience - to wait for HIS PERFECT TIMING. I can't wait to move, I can't wait to get settled, I can't wait to have a home to call my own, I can't wait to teach a Sunday School class again, but I have to and I will.

Would you pray with us
  • that our visas will come in God's perfect timing,
  • that we will have everything packed & ready
  • that we will find the perfect house
  • that the last 7% of our support will come in



Dear Abbi said...

I will pray about your unknowns. I don't like them either. Can't wait to hear about your big move and all that the Lord has in store for you in Australia!!

Ellen said...

I was so behind on everyones blogs. I am getting caught up. Your definatly in our prayers. We have friends here getting ready to leave for Turkey in September. Their 15 yr old son is struggling right now with all the changes. Are you guys going to be able to keep up your blog when you go?

Barbie said...

You'll be in our prayers as well! God bless you!