Saturday, July 12, 2008

On This Episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8

(Sorry it took me so long to get these posted. I haven't been feeling well the past few days.)

This past Monday we saw an Episode on Jon & Kate Plus 8 - one of my favorite shows!! In this episode Jon took their youngest son to the Hands-on House In Lancaster. We were in that area on Thursday so we took Autumn, here are a few pics. She had even more fun because she saw it on tv!

This was one of her favorites - the grocery store. You got a grocery list when you walked in. She got to grocery shop, there were even registers for them to check out!

Here is another one of her favorites. TONS of dress-up clothes!

Cody just enjoyed his toy. He's been reaching out and taking things from you.

This was a mechanic area. There were instructions to build this little thingy, she did a great job!

Here you picked corn and distributed it to the grocer, farmer, markets, etc.

Tons of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Toys!

Here she could do her own face painting. Although, she made a purple and blue design on her cheek that looked like a huge bruise! We made her take it off before we went out to eat!!

We had so much fun. If you're ever in the area - check it out!

Thanks Jon & Kate!!

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Mrs. J said...

I saw that place on the show too and I think it's so cool! I've never been to play area like that in my entire life :p