Monday, June 9, 2008

You Know You're Addicted to CVS when...


♥ you're adding up deals in your head while lying in bed at night
♥ $10 seems like an awful lot to spend
♥ your 4 year old son spontaneously writes "CVS" on his Doodle Pro.- TheAngelForever
♥ you're child is throwing up all over the couch and you're wondering what you can buy along with Pedialyte so you can get the Pedialyte free and earn ECBs as well.- Becca
♥ the "beep beepbeep" of your car telling you to buckle your seatbelt sounds like the ECBs/coupons printing out at the end of your transaction.- Samantha
♥ You get mad at your husband for paying retail for milk at the grocery store!- Ali
♥ When you're constantly thinking of places to reorganize to store more product.- Vickie
~When someone in the family gets sick and you gleefully start calulating purchases you will make with the $25.00 gift card, thanks to the new prescption coupon
~When you have to change your printer cartridge every month from printing too many coupons

Oh, how I can relate to some of these!

Check out I heart CVS for more!

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