Thursday, June 26, 2008

100th Post!!

I hear its custumary on your 100th post to write 100 things about yourself. Have you ever tried to do this?! Its hard!! I knew I was getting close, so I've been working on this for over a week! For my very first post I wrote 35ish things about me, so I copied and pasted then added a few more! I can't believe how tough this was!

A little about me...okay, a lot about me...
1-I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life
2-I have 3 younger brothers (Josh-21, Jason-16, Jeff-14)
3-I am a neat freak
4-I like to stay up late, and sleep in late
5-I can play the piano
6-I hate doing dishes
7-I worked at Hoss's in high school
8-I didn't name either of my children (my husband did)
9-I don't drink coffee (much to the dismay of my husband)
10-I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell of it
11-I have had snakes as pets
12-I HATE mice
13-I spend way too much time on the computer
14-I love using coupons
15-I love to hear harp playing
16-I graduated with a Major in Missions and Minor in Education
17-I love Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
18-I love roller coasters
19-I've been to Gettysburg Battlefield way too many times
20-I have lived in 6 different homes since I've been married
21-I have had 3 foster kids
22-I love New York City
23-I have only flew once
24-I can't wait to move to Australia
25-I enjoy homeschooling my daughter
26-I organize everything
27-I love to scrapbook
28-I like to read other people's blogs
29-I would love a yellow kitchen
30-I am not a good cook, but I like to cook
31-I love flip flops
32-I love mountain dew
33-I hate rice
34-I like to play tetris
35-I miss Atari games
36-I have a 5 year old daughter
37-I have a 4 month old son
38-I have been married for almost 9 years

39-I love Cracker Barrell
40-My favorite car is the VW Passat
41-I heart CVS
42-I like to shop online
43-I graduated from Christian School when I was 17
44-I was the only one in the graduating class of '97
45-I love a French Pedicure
46-4 is my favorite number - 444 is my dads
47-I love the movie Enchanted
48-I love a good missionary biography
49-My 4 month old has his 2 bottom teeth already
50-I love taking photos
51-The last book I read was Tuesdays With Morrie
52-I love Facebook!!
53-I love cooking out
54-I hate most vegetables (don't tell my daughter!)
55-The farthest west I've been is Tennessee
56-I've never been to Maine, love to though
57-I was 27 the first time I went to Niagara Falls
(going as a baby doesn't count, dad!)
58-We're moving to Australia in August, Lord willing
59-I love Rachael Ray
60-I own the Rachael Ray pots and pans
61-I haven't used those pots and pans - saving them for Australia
62-I love the smell of freshly cut grass
63-I would love to learn to play the violin
64-I used to work at a day care
66-Philippians is my favorite book of the Bible
67-My favorite childhood memory is leading my pappy to the Lord (I was 15)
68-Green and Yellow are my favorite colors
69-I love my ipod, just wish I knew how to download more music
70-I love Creative Memories
71-I love Pampered Chef
72-I'm having a Pampered Chef party on July 7, if you're interested!
73-I hate writing things about myself!
74-I like baseball
75-I don't understand football
76-I've seen You've Got Mail way too many times
77-I heart MacGyver
78-My favorite fast food is Wendys
79-My husbands is Arbys, if you were wandering
80-I am a blog stalker
81-Did anyone notice I skipped 65?!
82-I've been to Hersheypark a bazillon times
83-We went to Florida on our honeymoon
84-We were 19 when we got married
85-Did you know you have to be 21 to rent a hotel room in Florida?
86-We spent several nights at my husband's grandpa's house :(
87-My husband helped make up for it by staying at the Marriott on our way home
88-I checkout every morning
89-I am struggling to write 100 things about me
90-I live in the same town I grew up in
91-I like blogging
92-I am almost done, 7 more to go!
93-I heart Johnny Depp..yes, my hubby knows
94-My daughter loves princesses
95-My daughter thinks she's a princess
96-Does that make me a queen?
97-Can you tell I'm fishing for stuff to write now?!
98-Oh, we're at 93% of our support now!
99-If our visas come in we're moving the first of August...oh, I think I already wrote that!
100-I am done

Here's to another 100 posts!


joy said...

That was Fabulous! LOL :o)

We have SO many things in common!

Dear Abbi said...

Love the pans, congrats on the support, I can totally relate to so many of these. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello... I ran across your blogs through mttm blogroll and i was reading through your 100 things and a. you're hilarious... b. i can so identify... piano, hate dishes, my husband hates coffee, loves the smell, hate mice, coupons, organizing, blurking, flip flops, tetris (very addicting) and I could go on... that is way cool that you guys are heading to Australia! I'll keep up with your status... (oh and I love the passats & jettas!) I did have a question... we're thinking about coming Hershey/Lancaster/Gettysburg for vacation in mid-August... can you give me a couple ideas for activities... we have a 7 yr old & almost 5 yr old (& 4 months.) Thanks!

Barbie Wilson said...

Wow, 100 posts already?!! I guess it's easier to post when you have kids who constantly do things to write about(or just share pictures of)! I can relate to several of your 100 Gettysburg, reading missionary biographies.