Friday, May 30, 2008

What a Trooper!

We took Autumn to have her cavity filled today! She was such a trooper. The dentist was wonderful, she didn't even know she had a S-H-O-T of Novocaine! The dentist let her pick out 6 Dora stickers (which are now all over her and her purse!). I once again forgot to take my camera along, but I had to take a picture of her smiling when we got home. We were laughing so hard on the ride home. She enjoyed watching herself in the mirror for quite sometime. The numbness is wearing off now, but it was fun while it lasted! She will probably kill me when she's older for taking this photo!


Anonymous said...

Oh ouch poor thing, glad she did well though. Oh and I love the picture you have at the top.

Ellen said...

What a brave girl!! My Hallie was 4 when she first had some cavities and she had to be put under at Childrens Mercy in Kansas City. He won't let anyone touch her with a needle. When she went for a checkup she was quizzing the dentist..."What is that?, What does that do?, Does it hurt?, I don't like that. It looks scary. and on and on and on.... The dentist took one look at me and said "thier is no way she's gonna let me touch her and he smiled and laughed. If she wasn't scared she'd find something else to talk about,LOL!! They thought she was hillarious. I on the other hand had to figure out how we were going to pay for this very expensive surgery. Thankfully God did work it out and I did remember my Camera. I'm glad Autumn did well.