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Creating a Masterpiece {Homeschool Review}

Creating a Masterpiece

As a homeschool mom, I admit I often let art slide to the back burner.  I'm not creative, and I definitely can't draw, so having a resource like Creating a Masterpiece is a sweet relief!  We have reviewed the Monthly Plan and have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Creating a Masterpiece

Creating a Masterpiece teaches art with many different types of medium: acrylic, batik, block printing, carving, conte 'crayon, copper tooling, glass mosaic, gouache, ink, mixed media, oil painting, oil pastel, pencil/charcoal, sculpture, silk painting, soft pastel, watercolour, and wood burning.  So many choices!

We live remote, so we don't have easy access to some of these items, so we stuck with watercolour and pencil.  The first project we did was with watercolours and it was called African Sunset.  I sat down and did this project with the kids.  It was fun to learn along side of them, and I think our artwork turned out pretty well.  I love how they each are unique in their own way, not exactly alike, but similar.

We learned a new technique of putting a dab of paint on the page and blowing through a straw to make trees.  The kids enjoyed doing this and learned that different size straws had slightly different results.  I didn't use a straw, but blew on the paint and it had a similar effect.

I am an artist by no means, and I don't normally enjoy sitting and doing something like this.  I found this to be a relaxing time with the kids, and they enjoyed having me sit and create with them.  This project did take us two days to complete as it had to dry halfway through before we could put on the finishing touches.

Can you tell which one was mine?  :)

Autumn continued on her own and did several more pencil drawings.  Creating a Masterpiece is user-friendly.  Autumn was able to access the site quickly and was able to find the artwork she wanted to create.  She worked on these two projects in one afternoon.  Some projects can be done in one sitting, while others may take 2-3 days to complete (like the watercolour one above).

She was not impressed with her sunflower, but I think for her first pencil drawing she did quite well.  It is proudly hung in our schoolroom.

She also did a pencil drawing of an incandescent light bulb with it's shadow.  Which I think turned out beautifully, but I may be a bit biased.

With her lightbulb.  She was pleased with this one.

Working on our watercolour painting together.

We enjoyed Creating a Masterpiece and will continue to use it until our subscription expires.  The website is well done and like I said, it is user-friendly.  The monthly plan is $39.99/month. (If you are in a co-op there is a group discount worth checking out.)  This gives you access to all the projects (over 144 lessons) for the entire family.  To me this is a bit pricey for a homeschooling family, but I know there are art programs that cost a small fortune and are just books.  The videos in Creating a Masterpiece are well done, and the teacher, Ms. Sharon, is fun.  I think this is a good investment for your homeschool curriculum, even if you can just afford to use it for one month, I'd encourage you to give it a go.

You can find Creating a Masterpiece on facebook.

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