Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Homeschool Room - Nearly there!

We are in our 10th year of homeschool.  I have always wanted a homeschool room, but we've never had a home where we had an extra room to make into a school room.  Even in the house we are now living, we have three bedrooms and I didn't think it was possible to have a homeschool room here.

We live in an elevated home, and our downstairs area is part open and part (kind of) closed in.  My husband had the idea of closing in the downstairs to make an extra room for his study/music room/man cave.  As that room was being finished off, we realised we could also do the same to the other half...and now we are close to having a homeschool room!


In the middle.

As you can tell, we knocked out the back wall, and put up a wall with sliding glass doors.  I'm hoping down the road to get a picnic table for right outside.  I'm told the room should be finished in the next two weeks or so. We need to put up a door for the bathroom and a door to the room itself, then the floor needs tiled, and then we paint!  We're so close!

Oh, and we are also putting in an extra bathroom!!  Then these two rooms can also be for guests...hint, hint!