Tuesday, December 1, 2015

An Aussie-American Thanksgiving!

We were so blessed last year to be able to go home and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family.  Since we couldn't go back this year, we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends here - Australians and Americans!  Here are the photos from our fun evening.

I'm so thankful I brought our fall decoration when we moved here.

Our friends let us use their restaurant for our Thanksgiving dinner.

I used Pinterest for most of the decor.

Pumpkin Pie

We made 3 turkeys and a ham.

Cody helped make crescent rolls.

Another photo of the table settings.

Our guests starting to arrive!

Our Thanksgiving feast!

A view from the other end.

We had nearly 50 people,
I don't think we could've fit anymore!


See the little cuties eyeing up the desserts?!

Autumn's friend made her this beautiful cake for her birthday.


We had such a lovely evening.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.  I heard, "I'm so full" by many people!  I got a text from a friend today saying she's still recovering!  Haha!

Being so far from home during the holidays can be difficult, but celebrating Thanksgiving with all the traditional food and decorations really helped this year.  We just celebrated our four year anniversary of being in Australia, and as I sat there during dinner, I couldn't help but thank God for all He has done for us.  God has been so good to us, and although we have had some trials, God has given us the strength and grace and we are better for it.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Holmes Family said...

Looks like fun. I haven't had a true thanksgiving dinner for many years now:) Hope you've recovered from all the delicious food!

Joyful said...

That is a gathering! So glad you had a good fill and good fellowship so far from your native land.