Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sydney, NSW Australia - Day 3

 On our third day in Sydney we took the Faerie to Manly.
It's a little island, which quickly because my favorite part of Sydney!
Water you can go in and not be afraid of jellyfish or crocodiles!!

Can you see the seahorse?
Another part of our discount tickets was Manly Sea Life Sanctuary.
This was such a beautiful place, I really want to bring the kids here.

I could have sat here all day.

The view from the faerie.

It was so windy, most of the boats were sideways.

Another view of the Sydney Harbour.

A carnival cruise ship was docked in the harbor.

Luna Park.

A night view

We walked 25,000 steps on this day.  We were so tired, but we saw and did so much on this day.  The next day I got up early to get my flight back to Darwin.  Jeff got to sleep in a bit for his flight back to America.  This was such a perfect way to end his three months in Australia with us.  We made lots of fun memories!  Thanks, Jeff!

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