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Romans Road Media Review

Roman Roads Media Review

I have a wonderful Classical Christian Homeschool History Curriculum for you today.  I love me some history!  Romans Road Media allowed me to review Dave Raymond's American History Part 1 (digital download).  This is for ages 12 and up.

Roman Roads Media Review

Dave Raymond is an amazing history teacher.  The curriculum (part 1 and 2) is for an entire year.  It consists of 26 lessons and 4 projects.  Each lesson has 5 ten(ish) minute lectures on DVD or the mp3 download.  There are daily tasks, readings, weekly exams, and a journal that you work on throughout the school year and the course (part 1 and 2 combined) is worth 1 credit.  The curriculum includes a Student Reader with over 100 pages!  It also comes with a teacher guide.  (Part 1 and 2 each come with a student reader and a teacher guide.)

The 4 projects will take a good bit of time and effort, but will be well worth the it.  The same goes for the journal/portfolio that they work on throughout the year.  They add to it as they learn and when the year is complete they have a wonderful review of all they learned.

As mentioned there are two parts to this course.  We reviewed part 1 which covers Meso-America to the Constitution.  Part 2 covers George Washington through Theodore Roosevelt.  Each part has 13 lessons, for a total of 26 lessons.

Although this is designed for ages 12 and up, my daughter is 11 and in grade 6.  I felt it was appropriate for her.  Dave Raymond kept her attention (and mine) and we both really enjoyed it.  I've been looking for a good history curriculum, and this one meets my criteria.  Now if Dave would just do one on Australia (hint, hint!).

One of my favourite things about this history curriculum is the Christian perspective.  Even in many so-called Christian curriculum that is lacking and not emphasized nearly enough.  Dave Raymond presented a godly perspective throughout all the lectures. 

I also loved the note-taking.  Autumn has been working on this at church, so she has a little experience in note-taking.  This was good practice for her to listen for items of importance and write them down, and also giving her more information to study for the exams.

If you're interested in viewing some sample lessons click here and scroll to the bottom and click on sample lessons.

Now for the part you're really interested in - the cost! 
American History Part 1 - $75 (includes 4 DVD's, student reader, and teacher guide)
American History Part 2 - $75 (includes 4 DVD's, student reader, and teacher guide)

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