Monday, May 12, 2014

Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge

This weekend we had some friends from Darwin come visit us. This may be the only time they see Katherine, so we decided to do the Nitmiluk Gorge's 2 hour boat ride.  It is a bit expensive, but so worth it!  I would go again in a heartbeat.  It's incredible to think that this is practically in our back yard. 

There are 13 gorges altogether, but you can only see the first few by boat.  In fact we took two boat rides.  The first boat took us to the first gorge, then we got off the boat, walked a little ways and got on another boat and went to the next gorge.  The second boat could only go so far as well, but it was gorgeous.  You can see the next gorge by getting on another boat, but that costs more.  To see all 13 gorges you can take a helicopter ride...maybe someday!
I was kicking myself for forgetting my good camera,
these photos are all taken from my iPhone.

Aboriginal drawings on the rock.

These rocks separated the first and second gorge.


We had a great tour guide, who added little funny jokes just to see if we were listening, I think!

Can you see the crocodile along the bank?

It's hard to see, but these trees were filled with bats.

Photos don't really do it justice!

Me and the kids

A rare photo of the two of us

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