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The Brinkman Adventures {TOS Review}

Brinkman Adventures Review

Brinkman Adventures ReviewI can remember as a child waiting for the school bus to pick us up after school.  We had a long lane to our school, and one of the teachers would wait with us at the end of the lane.  We would sit in her van and listen to adventure audio stories on the radio or cassette.  I would hate when the bus would come right when it was getting good!

I was excited when we were asked to do a review of The Brinkman Adventures for the TOS Review Crew.  We reviewed The Brinkman Adventures - Season 2: Episodes 13-24.

As their website says: What happens when you start with the wacky adventures of a big family and mix them with exciting, true stories of modern-day Christian heroes?  You get a brand new audio drama series called...The Brinkman Adventures!

The Brinkman's are a large home schooling family that travel around the world sharing exciting adventures with missionaries.  The stories are based on real events, but have changed some names and add a little bit of drama.  We all need drama, right?!!

Our favourite episode was "Blue Hat and a T-shirt Bible".  This one brought tears to my eyes, because we've been praying for some missionary friends in China who are being deported.  I won't give it all away, but they take pages from a bunch of different Bibles to make one complete Bible for a Chinese lady who desperately wanted one.  O, how I pray I never take for granted the freedoms we have to freely carry a Bible, and many of us more than one!

Also on their website is a fun stuff page that has printables that go along with the first 6 episodes and videos that show behind the scenes of them taping the episodes which were fun to watch!

My kids and I enjoyed spending some quiet time in the afternoons sitting on our sofa listening to the Brinkman Adventures.  My volume on my laptop doesn't get too loud, and I had a hard time downloading them from my laptop to my iphone.  I am planning to buy season 1 on cd and have my brother bring them next month.  It will be fun to listen to them on our car rides to Darwin, which is over 3 hours away.

Whether you listen to them in your car, before bedtime, or during afternoon quiet time, I'm sure you will enjoy the Brinkman Adventures.  It is great for the entire family.

You can find the Brinkman Adventures on facebook:

Interested in listening to an episode for free?
Click here.
If you search their website you will find another free episode.  :)

You can purchase the cd set of Season 1 or Season 2 for a suggested donation of $25,
or purchase the mp3 download for a suggested donation of $17. 
 Each episode is 25:55 long, so a season is over 5 hours!

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