Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine {TOS Review}

As I've mentioned before, I really enjoy homeschooling, and believe it or not, my kids do too!  Although the homeschooling population is growing and there is much encouragement and support out there, there is even more naysayers and  discouragement.  It is always refreshing to find online sources to read at my leisure that encourage and support my role as a homeschooling mom.
 photo TOSGraphic_zpse554d8dc.jpgThe Old Schoolhouse, The Family Education Magazine ( is one of those great online resource.  It is chalked full of ideas, encouragement, inspiration, curriculum information, and much more.  I live in a fairly remote part of Australia, we have no educational bookstores, no huge libraries, and definitely no homeschool conventions!  The Old Schoolhouse magazine is like all that rolled into one.

I was given the opportunity to review the November/December  issue (click the link to read it for yourself! yes, it's free!) of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  I have read through past issues, so I knew what to expect.  But it's been awhile since I read an issue, and was so impressed with the look and the amount of articles it contained.  I'm not one for advertisements, but there is something about homeschool advertisements that catches my eye!  I will say I read every advertisement!    How refreshing it is to read a magazine with an advertisement that says "Teach your children to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ"!

One article that caught my eye was Teaching Children To Serve.  It was very insightful with lots of new ideas.  One of my prayers for my children is that they have a servant's heart, this article is a great tool in helping me teach my children the importance of serving.  I promise you will find many more articles just like this one that is written to not only make homeschooling a bit easier, but parenting as well!

I'm thankful there is a Christian homeschooling magazine like this that understands what homeschooling families need.  Homeschooling is not an easy job, and to have a community that understands and is there to lend a helping hand with advice and encouragement to help me do my job better is such a blessing to me.

This magazine is great for any homeschooling family or if you are considering homeschooling, I'd encourage you to purchase a subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine (  By the way, if the high cost of magazine subscriptions discourage from considering it, don't let that stop you because it's free!  I highly recommend the digital subscription (  Although I do prefer having the paper magazine, the digital  copy was great because I'm in the middle of a move (new house is 300km away from old house), and it was great to have the digital issue to take along in between trips.  I read this issue off my laptop, but I plan to download the app onto my iPad and have it even more easily accessible.

Want to see other great stuff the Schoolhouse Review Crew is checking out? Go to -  www.SchoolhouseReviewCrew.comI've been following their blog for quite awhile and they have lots of great reviews on products that I have been curious about and some I've never even heard of before.



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