Friday, October 4, 2013

Bring the Rain!

The last time we saw rain was back in April.  Then comes the dry season where the weather is absolutely perfect for about 5 months.  Then we go into the "build up".  This is where the weather is just very hot and humid like it's going to rain, but doesn't.  Then onto the wet season with lots and lots of rain.  Last night we had our first real rainfall.  It was so wonderful.  I've missed the rain.  If I could plan a perfect day it would consist of it raining, and me inside with a good book.  What's your perfect day?


Thoughts From Me said...

We've had a lot of rain for our area, but I'm still looking forward to a large thunderstorm tonight!

Rachel said...

Well, a perfect day for me would probably be lots of snow on the ground with more snow falling. I'd be inside, candles burning, and a good book or a movie.