Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our Sundays...

This photo was taken a few months ago,
sadly since then 3 families have moved away.
Saturdays and Sundays are extremely busy days for us.  Most pastors take off on Mondays to relax, but because my husband is often traveling and I lead a Ladies Bible Study on Monday nights, we normally take Tuesdays to relax, or at least I do.  I'm not sure my husband knows how to relax!
Here's a little peak into our Saturdays...
Normally Saturday mornings my husband is running errands, so I start a load of laundry and clean our room.  I  like to clean our room on Saturdays because my husband will spend the rest of the day in our room finishing preparing for Sunday.
After my room is clean, I hang the load of laundry and start the next load.  While the kids are having lunch I bake morning tea for Sunday.  Sometimes I just make muffins, which are quick, other times I make cinnamon rolls or donuts, which take most of the afternoon.
The afternoons consist of hanging more laundry up on the line, folding and putting away what is dry.  Then I finish preparing for my Sunday School and Children's Church classes.  I am working my way through the Bible using Betty Luken's flannelgraph.  We were given the deluxe set  from a wonderful church in Wilmington, Delaware.  It isn't all cut out yet, but I cut what I need each week.  Eventually it will all be cut out! 
In the evening I try to cook a simple meal, and keep on working.  We have an overhead projector where we have church so we put up the songs and Scripture reading for the service.  I normally type all that up for my husband.  We also have bulletins we hand out at church, so those need to be typed, printed, and folded.
After all that's done, it's time for the kid to get their showers and get ready for bed.  I then get everyone's clothing ready for Sunday, ironing if necessary (I hate ironing, so it's only done when necessary!).  I also pack up our jeep for Sunday.  We rent two rooms at the local university.  They let us keep some things in a storage room, but things like my Sunday School bag, the morning tea bag, and signs get brought back and forth each week.

If you're still reading :) I'll share our Sundays!

Mornings are a bit crazy, but with all the preparations on Sunday it's a lot easier.  I like to put a meal in the crockpot.  It's so nice to come home to a meal cooked and ready!  Once we are all ready we leave around 9:20am.  We pick up anyone that needs picked up (sometimes we have to make 2 or 3 trips!), then get to church and set up.  We have to set up our signs outside, move tables around inside, set up our welcome table, morning tea,  set up the keyboard, set up the computer, and lay out hymnals.  I'm so thankful for our kids, they are a big help.  It's such a blessing to get to church and see them going about their duties serving the Lord in this way.

Because our church is small, I teach both Sunday School and Children's Church.  I miss being in church and hearing the sermon, but I know that this is just a season.  I also play the piano for the morning service, I'm not great, but it's all we have!

After church, we have to put everything back the way we found it.  Thankfully everyone pitches in and helps and it only takes a few minutes.  Church gets over around 12:15, but we rarely leave before 1pm. 

Once home, we have lunch (which thankfully is ready and waiting in the crockpot).  After lunch, Patrick packs up and drives 3 hours to Katherine to preach for a small, but quickly growing church.  Sometimes we go with him if I know he will make it home before my ladies Bible study on Monday nights.

So there you have a quick peak into our weekends.  Hope I didn't bore you too much!



Chris and Carole said...

I really enjoyed this! Saturdays are our busiest days too with almost every minute spent preparing for Sunday. Love how our kids help in the ministry doing what they can do!

Rachel said...

Guess I'm just curious (or maybe nosey), but I enjoy hearing how other people prepare and spend their Sunday.
It is exciting to hear how your children are helping when and how they can. No better time to learn to serve God!

Ashley Justice said...

Thanks for sharing! It is always interesting to hear how other missionaries prepare for Sundays! Glad to hear it is crazy for you on weekends too! ;)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Wow you all have a really busy schedule! I think it is awesome the way that your family is serving the Lord!!