Friday, March 15, 2013

Bali - Monkey Forest - Part 3

One day while in Bali we visited a monkey forest.  From the moment we got out of the car there were monkeys everywhere!  We had promised the girls when we got there they could have some cookies.  The girls excitedly piled out of the vehicle and a monkey jumped up and grabbed the bag of cookies out of their hands!  We enjoyed walking the paths and watching all the monkeys and of course, taking their photos.

I like tip #4


Checking for monkey lice,
It's what they do!
This monkey wanted to check out the girls.
We all loved this place, and the cost was even better - $1 for kids and $2 for adults!  Cody was a bit afraid (mainly because an unnamed person told him the monkeys would eat his innards...Kristine?!!!), but he quickly got over and enjoyed watching them play.  This was probably the highlight of my week...well, except my husband wearing a skirt, um, sarong!

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