Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Christmas Advent

I've been searching for a Christmas advent or countdown to Christmas. Cody is only 4, so its hard for him to understand that we have to wait so many days until Christmas. I wanted something that would teach my kids about Christ's birth and be fun. 

Since I couldn't find anything, I decided to make my own.   I typed out Matthew 1:18-20, Luke 2:1-20, and Isaiah 9:6. That makes 25 verses. Each day we will turn one card over and read.   

I want to make Christmas full of wonderful memories for my children.  I have lots of fun crafts and baking planned for December.  I'm looking forward to a fun month.  My main goal for the month is sharing God's love with my children. 


Betsy de Cruz said...

What a great idea, Jen! Simple, do-able, a great way to share the Christmas story with your son. I'm always looked for advent calendar ideas that are UNRELATED to CANDY or CHOCOLATE!

Happy advent!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea! Very inventive!

Jenilee said...

we have chocolate calendars and then focus on the family sent out advent reading booklets this month in their magazine... excited to start that tomorrow!