Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Trip to America - Part 2 - Servant's Heart Camp, Ladies Retreat

This is the fourth year for the Servant's Heart Camp Ladies Retreat.  I missed last year because we were finishing up meetings and preparing for our move to Australia.  When I began planning this trip to America, I never imagined it would include the Ladies Retreat!  My friend, Julie, emailed me and mentioned the dates of the Ladies Retreat, and I was so excited when I realized I could attend. 
There is just something about getting together for a few days with other Christian women.   I was beyond blessed.  I was also thrilled just to be in Pennsylvania during the autumn season.  Darwin was ending their dry season, so all I had seen for months was brown everything!  I couldn't get over the colors!
Mrs. Korns was the speaker.  The Lord really used her to speak to my heart that weekend.
This was the cute craft we made!
A fun game of making a creation out of aluminium foil.
That's a snowman playing the piano, by the way!
Funny skits!
A wonderful group of ladies!
Julie, me, and Patty
I love the backdrop!
Pennsylvania mountains!

I had a wonderful time at the Ladies Retreat.  It was very refreshing - physically and spiritually.  I'm still pouring over my notes.  Maybe I'll share some in the future.  As I gave a testimony at the close of the retreat, my cup is full.  God is so good!
My Trip to America - Part 3 - Seeing my family!

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Jenilee said...

sounds like you had a great time! so glad that you got to go!