Monday, April 30, 2012

Missionary Monday - Our Typical Sunday

A Sunday in the life of a Missionary Wife...

Our morning service starts at 10am.  Since we hold services at Charles Darwin University (never gets old saying that!), we have to set up and move tables and chairs around.  We aim to leave our house at here is our {ideal} day.

Saturday night - Lay out clothing and shoes for church, kids showered, and every other Sunday is my turn for morning tea, so I will bake something.

7:00am - Wake up and put food in the crockpot (we often have company on Sundays, so I like the food to be ready when we get home from church).
7:30 - Look over Sunday School lesson and do devotions.
8:00 - Put on worship music, wake kids, get them breakfast, and get my shower and get ready
8:30 - Kids dressed
9:00 - Gather everything for church
9:15 - Out the door
9:20 - Arrive at church and set up
10:00 - Sunday School starts (I teach the 4s and 5s class, and my husband teaches the adults.)
11:00 - Morning Tea
11:15 - Morning Service
12:15pm - Morning Service is normally over, and we fellowship for about an hour.
1:15ish - Arrive home and have lunch
Afternoon - Fellowship with company and possibly nap
6:00 - Evening service (My husband preaches in the evening service.)

7:00 - Evening service over and time to tear down and put classrooms back as we found them. Our church people like to fellowship, so we're often at church for another 30 minutes or so just talking.
8:00 - McDonalds. This has become our family tradition. Our McDonalds has a deal for $19.95, you get 2 Big Macs, 2 Cheeseburgers, 6 Nuggets, 4 small fries, 4 drinks.
9:30 - Kids in bed (I read to Cody, and Patrick reads to Autumn).
Midnight - Patrick and I normally fall into bed after a long, but good day.

A few weeks ago we had a baptism service.  Like I mentioned we don't have our own building, so when we have baptisms, we use the Pastor's pool.  Then had a BBQ, you can't have a church outing without food, of course!

Our co-workers are leaving June 1 for their furlough.  I'm sure things will start to get very busy for us...but a good busy!  We're looking for to seeing what the Lord has in store for us!

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