Monday, January 16, 2012

Boxes and Christmas

On January 4th we were finally able to go pick up our cargo!
Here is a photo of it being inspected by quarantine.
After it was released, we had movers bring it to our house. 
Then the unpacking began! 
Believe it or not, we had almost everything unpacked
and put away in three days! 
There were Christmas presents from family in the boxes!
The kids were qutie happy! 
Autumn got Kanani from her pappy and uncles! 
I am so glad to finally have all our things.
It's finally starting to feel like home.
Just wish my family lived nearby.


Jolene said...

Oh, what fun! Love the American Girl doll your daughter got, too, and can tell she loves it by that bright, happy smile!

Susan Barnes said...

Welcome to Australia! I visited your blog a couple of years ago and read how you were planning to come here so it is great to see you've made it. Hope your stay is fruitful, Blessings, Susan

Renata said...

It must be wonderful to have your stuff around ~ feels more like home!
It is hard to be away from family (ours lives 15 hours drive away ~ not another continent I know, but it still feels like a long way at times). Praise God we live in an era of internet that makes it easier.
You did so well with all that unpacking!