Wednesday, November 30, 2011

House Hunting

We have officially been in Australia for one week!  I still need to pinch myself!  This past week we've been busy house hunting and car shopping.  The missionary family that we are working with are being so gracious to let us stay in their home, and we are grateful, but we are also anxious to get a place of our own and get settled.  We have looked at several homes, but none seem to fit us.  We have a few specifications:  1.  It must be at least 3 bedrooms (the kids have shared a bedroom since Cody was born, we've promised Autumn a room of her own).  2.  We must be allowed to have a dog for the kids.  3.  It must have a yard for the kids to play.  Would you join us in praying for the perfect home for our family and in our price range?   I know God has one out there, we just need to find it!

As for car shopping, the Lord has given us a Land Cruiser!  My husband wanted a Land Cruiser and had been looking for one, and God was gracious enough to give him one.  How great is our God!  We still need a car for myself, so please pray we find a car for me to get around town in!  Thanks!

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