Friday, October 21, 2011

Misson's Conference and other things

We are in a Mission's Conference this week in New York state.  It's a low key conference, which means we get some rest.  Oh, how I need rest!  We arrived home from Arizona on September 6th.  On September 8th our visas were approved and I don't think I've stopped since.  Our belongings are all packed.  The shippers are scheduled for next week.  The next time I see those things will be in Australia!!  In four weeks from today we will be boarding a plane headed to Japan then Australia! 

My mind has been everywhere lately.  I'm forgetting simple things.  I hope when our belongings are shipped next week that I can sit down and just breathe. 

We are in this conference until Sunday, next Wednesday evening we have a meeting at a church in northern Pennsylvania, the following Sunday (10/30) is our Commissioning Service at our home church in Lebanon, PA at 2pm (stop by if you can!), the Sunday after that we have another meeting in New York, then the Sunday before we leave we have a meeting in Leola, Pennsylvania.    So much to think about and keep straight.  Along with all those meetings are a few good-bye parties. 

As we get closer people keep asking are you nervous, sad, excited?  I have so much on my mind I'm not sure how I feel.  If I stop and think about it, I do get a little sad.  I will miss my family and friends, but we're so excited to start this next part of our life that God has for us. 

I'm not sure this post makes much sense, but I do feel better having wrote it all out.  So, thanks for, reading!


Becky Wills said...

I've just recently come across your blog via my awesome friend Anna Lopez. I was wondering what part of Australia you guys will be heading to? We live 45mins south-east of Melbourne, Victoria.
Hope all goes well with the goodbye's....I can't imagine the different emotions you all must be feeling. But what comfort to know you are in the centre of God's will.
You're in my thoughts and prayers,
Becky W

Jen said...

Hi, Becky! Nice to meet you! We are going to Darwin, Australia. Are you from Australia? Feel free to email me -