Monday, October 17, 2011

Missionary Monday

<---- There you have it - my life, all packed up in approximately 50 boxes.  Yes, I know there is more to life than stuff.  When it comes to stuff, I'm a minimalist.  I guess that's the missionary in me.  I've never been one to own a lot, but it's amazing what you accumulate living in one place for 5 years.

Lord willing our belongings will be shipped out early this week.  Interested in what a missionary takes with them when they move overseas?  Well, I'll tell you...

  • Scrapbooks
  • Kitchen items
  • The kids' toys
  • Clothing for the kids for the next two sizes
  • Books...lots and lots of books
  • Christmas decorations
  • Fall decorations
  • Special momentos
  • Hubby's tools
  • SS materials
  • Homeschool books
  • DVD's
  • Our Sleep Number bed
  • Bedding
I'm sure I'm missing something, but you get the idea.  Packing up your entire life can be quite emotional, but God has given us the strength.  This still doesn't feel real yet, maybe once it officially ships, maybe on the plane, maybe in Australia.  I don't know, but I'm so grateful that God chose my family.  May He find us faithful.


López Family said...

You are in my special thoughts and prayers. I know just how emotional that can be. May the Lord's grace help you during this time.

Much love from Mexico,

Tom and Mona Sloan said...

Praying for y'all Jen. Hope the move goes smoothly. Been there, done that, No fun!!
Your Mexico friend,