Wednesday, October 12, 2011

37 days and counting!

Our plane tickets have been purchased!  We leave November 17th.  We will visit friends in Japan for 5 days, and arrive in Australia on November 23rd!

If all goes well our belongings will be picked up next Tuesday (October 18th), and arrive in Australia about 6 weeks later.

Please pray for us as we finish our packing this week.  I have been so forgetful lately.  This past Saturday we were on our way to a meeting and I realized I hadn't packed church clothes for Autumn.  We quickly stopped at a Wal-Mart and I prayed so hard to find something appropriate.  After searching and finding really short dresses, I found one nice dress in a size 10, perfect for Autumn.  Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, please pray for clear thinking this week as we pack.  That we will pack things we need, and not forget important things!  It's very expensive to ship to a package to Australia.

We have a very busy schedule with saying good-bye to friends, farewell parties, our commissioning service, our departure interview with our mission board, and at least four more churches to visit.  Please pray for safety as we travel and the strength to make it through all these good-byes!

God is good and we are so blessed!

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Jessica Curtis said...

Continuing to pray for you...travels and last minute packing. I'm sure you're excited about getting to the field God has called you to, yet it is SO hard to say bye.