Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Patrick!!

 Saturday was my husband's birthday.  Every year we celebrate I always say I hope the next one will be celebrated in Australia.  Lord willing, this will hold true to his birthday.

We had a little party with just our family on Saturday, then Sunday night we had a bigger cake and shared with the people after church.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband.   One thing that attracted me to him was that he knew the Lord had called him to Australia when he was 6 and was determined at 19 to still go, and here we are years later almost ready to board a plane!

Church was very special yesterday.  It was our last Sunday here on the rez.  I cried. Others cried.  It's been an amazing summer, and we've really fallen in love with the Navajo people. 

It seems souls have been saved every week and the people are getting involved in the Lord's work.  As I was saying good bye to one lady yesterday I reminded her that I'd be praying for her husband to be saved.  I can't imagine going through life without a Christian husband.  I am so blessed that I was raised in a Christian home and knew to look for a Christian man to marry.  Many here are saved as adults and are already married or living with someone.  They've just never heard the truth.  Although God is doing a great work here, there is so much left to do.  Please pray for the people here that they would remain faithful and continue to share God's love with others.i

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