Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School...already?

Not Back to School Blog Hop

After much thought and research and prayer, I think I finally have our fall curriculum decided on...now to start buying it! 

Preschool (Cody, age 3)
- Answers in Genesis Preschool Curriculum

Grade 4 (Autumn, age 8)
- Math - Abeka
- Language - Abeka
History - Abeka (but may also try the Mystery of History)
- Science - Apologia
- Spelling - School of Tomorrow (this is a first for us, I don't like Abeka's spelling)
- Bible Reading - School of Tomorrow (looks like fun)
- Literature - School of Tomorrow (another first, I did this when I was in school, so I wanted Autumn to try it)
- Art/Writing - Draw, Write, Now

I'm still trying to decide when to start.  If your vis*as are approved we will wait until January and begin with the Australian school year (they school year round).  If we don't hear anything, I will probably start some of the School of tomorrow courses, and just keep praying I'm making the right decision by holding off!


Amy said...

Is School of Tomorow and ACE curriculum? I grew up in an ACE school many moons ago!
Thanks for sharing your list!

Hi! I'm Jen, said...

Yes, ACE and School of Tomorrow are the same. I went to an ACE school, too!

Thia said...

Do you mind me asking what you don't like about Abeka spelling? We're starting that this year. I haven't seen many reviews of it though.

Jessica Curtis said...

Always interested in reading what other moms are using....thanks for sharing. :)