Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Son

This is my son.  Don't let his cuteness fool you.  He is three and all boy and is determined to give his momma a heart attack before he's 4.  He's been doing so much lately, and my husband keeps telling me I ought to write it down.  I will spare you one story, but I thought I'd share a few others.

Wednesday night Cody was playing with his friends before church started.  I started playing the piano before the service and just assumed my husband would gather the kids when the service started...silly me.  After the song service I went to sit down with my family, and when I got to our pew I noticed Cody wasn't there.  I asked Patrick where he was and he just shrugged his shoulders.  Now, my husband has been sick for several days and it took about all his energy to even preach, so he's forgiven (especially now that we've found him...spoiler).  I quickly went and checked the nursery and Sunday School rooms, he wasn't there.  I ran down to the house to be sure he didn't decide to go home, he wasn't there.  I remember hearing a horn honk, so I checked our car, no Cody.  I ran back up to the church to check again, at this point my husband was about to get into the pulpit, I just gave him a panic look and ran back out to keep searching.  When my husband got into the pulpit he must have asked some ladies to come help me.  After a few minutes one of the women mentioned she remember seeing Cody get into one of the church vans, and sure enough there he was (remember I heard a horn honk?  I just looked in the wrong vehicle).  I grabbed him and hugged him (of course, I was practically crying at this point, it had been a good 15 minutes) and told him he scared me.  His reply?  "Haha, I scared mommy."  The  kid had no clue what kind of panic mode I was in, luckily for him he gives great hugs and was quickly forgiven.

Onto tonight...he has been finding these little rocks that work like chalk, so the kids will sometime play with them on the front steps.  Tonight he found one that was coloring green.  Autumn asked him where he found it.  He kind of mumbled something, then it dawned on my daughter that it wasn't the rocks they normally color was dried dog poop.  Yes, my son was coloring with dog poop. 

Like I said on facebook tonight, I hope I survive his childhood.


Kimmay said...

haha i love the "haha, i scared mommy" thats so something i would have said a few years ago :)

Theresa said...

Oh my, you had my heart pounding!