Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation Bible School

One of my favorite times of the year -
Vacation Bible School!
Last week we helped a church about an hour away from where we are staying with their VBS.  On the last day they had over 150 kids and adults!  I believe about 50 children were saved!  To God be the glory!

Here we are picking up some children in the van.  Their record for the amount of children in one van is 52 kids!
We picked up many children who live in hogans like this. 
Praise the Lord for the attendance! 
I love how many folks out here live in a hogan with dirt floors,
yet they have dish tv.   

I am so enjoying our time out here on the rez.  It is so great to see God moving.  We are helping with VBS this week here in Ganado.  This morning we had 91 children!  They started out singing "God is not dead, He is alive!"  I've been singing it all day! 

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