Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jason's Home!!!!

So today was the big day!  My brother, Jason, came home from his first tour in Iraq.  We had to keep it a secret because he wanted to surprise his girlfriend.  We picked him up this afternoon at Fort Dix in New Jersey.
Cody was happy to see Uncle Jason! 
So was Autumn. 
My dad and Jason. 

For his first meal with family he wanted to eat at Taco Bell.  Which is funny because he is a vegetarian, so he orders his tacos with no meat.  Here I am with my brother.  So proud of him. 
He wanted to surprise his girlfriend.  We all made plans to meet at Taco Bell, and my mom brought Nichole.  Here is Jason hiding as she walked in. 

Jason and my husband. 
It's so good to have Jason home.  We're so proud of him.  Tomorrow is Easter, I'm thankful to be able to spend the day with my entire family.  God is good.

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Theresa said...

Thank you to your brother for his service!
Happy Resurrection Sunday!