Sunday, April 3, 2011

CHAP Homeschool Convention

I just registered to attend my first Homeschool Convention.  I'll be going to CHAP's which is held at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex.  My daughter will be in 4th grade next year, and I plan to begin preschool with my son. 
Our main curriculum is Abeka, which I love.  We use Abeka for Math, Language, History, Spelling, and Writing.  We use Apologia for Science.  And Alpha and Omega for Bible.  We plan to use the Answers in Genesis preschool curriculum for my son next year.

I've been wanting to see all the curriculum out there, and by going to the homeschool convention I finally will be able to!  Another fun part about the convention is that I'm going with a good friend of mine, Julie.  She's my homeschool-go-to person.

I'm excited to attend the convention.  Have you ever been to one?


Tiff said...

You'll love it!!! I've gone to the CHAP homeschool convention one and it was very good!!!! Enjoy!=) said...

What a great idea! You should blog from there and post photos! I am very interested as I've been looking into home schooling for a while now.

Julia said...

We used to go to Chap almost every year. It was always lots of fun. That was actually how I got into playing the harp. Hope you have a great time!

Be Thou Exalted said...

Julia, are you going this year? Maybe we can meet up?